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Name:The TRON Community on Dreamwidth
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Community for fans of Disney's TRON universe.

Welcome to [community profile] tron_comm, the new TRON community on Dreamwidth! All Users and programs are welcome here, but before we begin, there are a few rules and regulations we'd like you to observe:

  1. Please respect your fellow members. Abusive language or flaming towards another User will not be tolerated. On a related note, racism, sexism, and homophobia/transphobia will not be tolerated. Anyone engaging in these behaviors will be warned once and only once. If the warning is not heeded and said User engages in such behaviors again, they will be banned.

  2. The general rating of this comm is PG-13/T. More or less all manner of cursing is allowed, but any R/M-rated or above material (either for violence or sex or whathaveyou) should be kept off the comm proper. If you’re linking to mature or explicit material, please warn ahead of time. In that vein, if your fic or art contains anything triggering, please warn for it. Example triggers that should be warned for: blood, gore, death, sexual assault, body horror, etc. If you post inappropriate material directly to the comm or fail to properly warn for triggering content, your post will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned after three warnings.

  3. Self-promotion policy: Promotion of your own art or fic or comms or anything else TRON-related is allowed, but within reason. Sharing a multi-chapter fic that updates twice in a week is fine; repeatedly sharing the same fanart until you get comments is not. Furthermore, do not use another person’s post as a place to promote your content, unless said post is explicitly a promo thread. Spam posts and comments will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned after three warnings.

  4. Do not post another person’s art or graphics or fiction without their permission or without credit. Posts that lack the appropriate credit will be deleted. Repeat reposters will be banned after three warnings.


One of the primary functions of [community profile] tron_comm is to serve as a place where members can share their various TRON fanworks. To that end, here is a template you can use when posting such fanworks:

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR: [personal profile] skye_writer
SYSTEM AFFILIATES: NONE AS YET (want to become an affiliate? message an admin!)

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